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Amira Lebogang DubeAmira Lebogang Dube

Grade Level: 9

Recent achievements:
- Grade 8 Subject Award for Zulu


Amira entered Uplands College in January 2012. In her first year she’s worked hard to make the transition to Uplands.  Amira’s excels in Zulu, arts and culture, and math classes.  She has a passion for music and hopes to have the opportunity to take drum lessons next year.  


Amira grew up in an area of South Africa near Kruger National Park where she attended primary school.  Since starting at Uplands, she has been eager to try out new things and to take advantage of every opportunity available to her.  This year she attended a camp, competed in a netball tournament, took piano lessons, and starting playing soccer.  But in Amira’s mind, the most important thing that she’s learned in her first year at Uplands is, “to accept a lot of different people and to be more independent, but also considerate of other people”.  Characteristics that will no doubt help her in her pursuit of becoming a lawyer.