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Sibusiso ShubeSibusiso Shube

Grade Level: Applying to the Open Windows School for Visual Communication (Graduated Uplands in 2011)

Uplands Achievements:
- Director - Founders House play 
- Chosen to sing in interhouse music competition
- Choir

Sibu graduated from Uplands College in 2011 and is currently applying to the Open Windows School for Visual Communication where he plans to pursue his dream of opening an animation studio that caters to South African interests.

Sibu joined the KLM program in January 2007. He is a quiet, artistic young man with a great sense of humor.  Sibusiso loves a challenge and plans to continue to push himself academically.

Sibusiso hails from the Kabokweni Township where he attended the A.A. Khumalo Primary School. Kabokweni is a short drive from Uplands, but the township is a lesser-known rural area. Sibusiso is an only child and grew up in the same home with his mother, grandmother, and uncle.


During his times at Uplands, he was involved with the Interact Club, where he was paired with a baby at a local orphanage whom he visited at least once a week. He enjoyed spending time with his baby and joked that for a boy, he is pretty good at changing diapers. Although Sibusiso was known for his drawing abilities, he was also proud of his performance in the grade 8 House Plays, “The Tripod and the Question Press,” written and performed by Uplands students. Despite the fact that he is a quiet guy, he pushed himself beyond his comfort zone by appearing on stage, and his performance was one of the comedic highlights of the show. Sibusisobelieves that life in the boarding house contributed to his growth as a student and a person:  learning how to be independent and to get along with people who have different backgrounds and interests.