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Sizwe LekhuleniSizwe Lekhuleni

Graduated Uplands in 2012

Recent Achievements:
- Graduated high school and will be attending University of Johannesburg for a degree in accounting
- Completed the Midmar Dam race in 2011, a mile long swimming competition in Natal, having learned how to swim only two years ago!


Sizwe is a hardworking student who has garnered the admiration and respect of his peers both inside and outside of the classroom.  He has an infectious laugh and a sense of maturity that makes him a pleasure to teach and coach.

Sizwe’s mother knew at a young age that he was intellectually gifted, and he has lived up to that ideal as a KLM scholar.

An ideal school day for Sizwe involves receiving good marks in math, socializing with friends, and having a great rugby practice.  When one meets Sizwe, his intellectual curiosity is apparent.  His favorite courses are math and technology.  He believes that through hard work and concentration in math, one can receive the proper qualifications to secure a better life.

One of the highlights of his final year at Uplands was playing on the school’s rugby team and reaching the regional finals.  His nickname on the field is the “step king” because he managed to master one of the trickiest moves in rugby.  Although he did not have any formal rugby training before he entered Uplands College, Sizwe is a standout player on one of the school’s A-teams.  Sizwe loves the sport, his teammates, and his coach, who has provided the motivation and positive reinforcement that Sizwe needed to excel.

Following university, Sizwe plans to pursue a law degree or a degree in finance and accounting.  He’s in the middle of the college application process and hopes to start a program in 2013.

Sizwe’s advice for future KLM scholars: Work hard in everything that you do, focus, and be yourself.