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Sibusiso ShubeThobeka Ngwenyama

Grade Level: Grade 8

Thobeka Ngwenyama has been selected as KLM’s 10th Scholar.  She will enter the program in January 2013 in the 8th grade.


Thobeka was selected from a group of over 120 schools.  Thobeka hails from the rural village of Mgcobaneni, where she attended Chweni Primary School.  Thobeka demonstrates exceptional talent and potential. She was ranked #1 in her primary school class and scores in the top percentile for math and reading.


Thobeka has endured great difficulty in her young life and she sets her mind to rising above challenges. She was abandoned by her father early on and suffered a tremendous loss when her mother passed away several years ago.  Since being orphaned, Thobeka’s maternal aunt has served as her guardian.

Despite these challenges, Thobeka has many achievements under her belt at a young age—in addition to her academic performance, she plays on the soccer and netball teams at school and recently organized a community clean-up project in her home village. She enjoys mentoring younger children in her community about environmental awareness.


Thobeka’s true passion is reading. Every two weeks, she saves her spare change to take public transportation to a library in the nearest town so that she can exchange her books for new ones. This month, she is enamored of The Secret Garden.


When notified that she was selected as KLM’s 2013 Scholar, Thobeka declared, “I am not scared of challenges and this is a challenge I am going to like!”