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Program Overview

Well-resourced successful schools exist all over the country, but disadvantaged black communities simply don’t have access because of South Africa's fractured history. KLM offers a bridge for kids from rural villages to receive an exceptional education over five years without leaving their rural homes and families behind. By partnering with Uplands College and the Mpumalanga Department of Education, KLM can recruit some of the country’s most gifted young people and provide them with a high-quality education close to home, so that they might share their experiences with family and friends and remain part of the fiber of their home communities.

Designed in partnership with Uplands College and education experts in South Africa, KLM's program emphasizes leadership, social responsibility and scholastic achievement. Each year, prospective students from partner schools undergo a rigorous, two month long selection process that culminates in the selection of one or two KLM scholars. These students then undergo a twelve month bridging program to prepare them for the academic rigors at Uplands College. Once on campus, students are not only preparing for university at one of the top secondary schools in South Africa, they are preparing to be South Africa's next generation of leaders.

With only one part-time program manager in South Africa, KLM is proud to channel almost 100% of its donations directly to its students.