Our Work :: Student Support

When KLM scholars begin school at Uplands College, they enter a completely different socio-economic environment. To ease the academic and social transition, each student participates in a twelve month bridging program. Tailored to each student's specific needs, the program emphasizes improving academic skills, such as English and math, and also helps the student adjust to their new community by helping with everything from how to interact with teachers to how to use email. Because most KLM scholars are three to five years below grade level as a result of shortcomings in their rural school curriculum, the bridging program is critical to the success of each student.

Throughout their five years of high school, KLM scholars are given extensive additional support from Uplands’ staff and peer mentors. These academic and social supports help KLM scholars perform on par with their Uplands counterparts within a year of arriving at the school.

Upon completion of the five year KLM program, our scholars are prepared to pass the high school graduation exam and qualify for a university program. KLM provides extensive support to help scholars navigate the university application process and apply for scholarships. Over 95 percent of Uplands students pass the graduation exam and quality for a bachelor’s program.

After graduation, KLM students remain a part of the network: KLM will check in with them on a quarterly basis and will set up a social support network at their schools through the assistance of its South African board members.