Our Work :: The Selection Process

The selection of KLM scholars is based on intellectual promise, emotional intelligence, leadership potential and commitment to social responsibility. Because the potential students come from under-resourced learning environments, the selection process must go beyond the narrow scope of traditional academic assessment. The process involves a holistic assessment, relying equally on cognitive, social and emotional appraisals.

Round One

In the first round, 120-140 applicants are nominated by the educators and school principals at our 60 rural, partner schools across four circuits in the eastern region of the Mpumalanga Province. These students are given a series of differential aptitude tests and asked to write an essay to test their written communication skills and English ability.

Round Two

In the second round, the top ten to fifteen performing students advance to a student-centred, personal assessment, which uses creative and informal techniques to gather information about the students' abilities, talents and aspirations. Through story-telling, creative projects and interviews, KLM develops a much clearer view of each student's experiences, maturity, problem solving abilities and social engagement skills.

Round Three

In the third round, the top five to seven candidates are visited at home by the KLM program manager. In this more informal environment, the KLM program manager is able to see how the students interact with their parents, siblings, extended family and community. The home visit provides an intimate assessment of each student's communication skills, maturity and level of responsibility in the house and around the community.

Round Four

Three to five exceptional young students are identified for the fourth and final round of selection. Potential scholars are interviewed, along with their parents/guardians, by the Headmaster of Uplands College and a panel of KLM board members. At the end of this round, one or two student(s) is awarded the KLM scholarship.