Our Work :: Uplands Partnership

Uplands College has been KLM's partner in delivering quality education to rural students since 2005. KLM chose to partner with Uplands not only because of the superb results of its student body but also the support of the entire community: teachers, board members, parents and students. As part of the partnership, Uplands College waives tuition to each of our students. We are proud to be partnered with Uplands in this educational endeavor.

Uplands College

Founded in 1997 as an extension of Uplands Prep (which itself was founded in 1928), Uplands College instantly became one of the top secondary schools in South Africa. Located on 110 hectares of former farm land outside of White River, the school's location and setting provide KLM students the perfect opportunity to receive an unparalleled education while staying close to their families and home communities. For more information about Uplands College, please visit their website: www.uplandscollege.org.